"I had a wonderful experience of Rolfing with Florian.

He is extremely professional & personable & explains very clearly what he is doing and going to do next such that the whole experience is one of discovery and excitement and you can’t wait for the next session.

Florian is also an expert in voice, connected to the fact he is a professional opera singer and this was particularly relevant to me as I have some vocal cord issues, so I got two for the price of one.

I recommend Florian and the Rolfing process very highly."


            Harold (58), London

"I decided to have a course of 10 sessions with Florian Thomas partly for my general well-being and general maintenance, partly to help with my singing and partly - and most importantly - to deal with a niggling but consistently painful sciatic nerve issue. Several months after the end of the treatment, and following a couple of further treatments to address Tweaks, all my pain has gone. Thank you Florian, thank you Rolfing!"

             Joëlle (74), Oxford

"I can highly recommend seeing Florian for Rolfing - whether 'one-off' consultation or for the 10 sessions. The experience altered my alignment significantly and in a lasting way for the very much better! I have no more pain in several areas where I'd been injured in the past - but further than this- I have been especially impressed how the Rolfing process has helped me as a classical singer. I feel more grounded, better aligned and move with more ease and mobility."

              Caitlin (41), London

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