Florian Thomas is a professional opera singer, singing teacher and Certified Rolfer™. He combines his international experience as a performer with the unique techniques and insights that the Rolfing® method offers, and has added to his knowledge of laryngeal manipulation at the Deutsche Stimmklinik in Hamburg.

Muscular patterns, breathing habits, postural influences, the amount of vocal use and other elements of this kind can influence the quality of a voice. Rolfing® aims to identify restricting factors and to address them systemically and holistically. MTD (muscle tension dysphonia), breathiness and hoarseness, vocal fatigue, jaw related problems (TMJ) just to name a few, can be targeted within tailor made sessions or within the context of the 10 sessions.


In Oxford, Florian is also able to offer combined Rolfing® and singing sessions to target any specific challenges that clients wish to address.

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